Shonita “Nita” Wade, is a U.S. Air Force retired Veteran and mother of three living in Southern Georgia.
She comes from a proud military family and has spent most of her life at different military bases around
the world. In the Air Force, she achieved the rank of Senior Master Sergeant where she served in various
fields from Executive Officer, Maintenance Training Superintendent, Education and Training manager to
B-52 aircraft mechanic. She’s served on multiple deployments and earned her master’s degree in
business administration. She is an avid learner, Veterans advocate and enjoys traveling with her kids.
After retirement, she worked as a government contractor before getting back into Instructional Design
where she creates training courses for Vetted VA. Becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator was a natural
pivot for her as she is passionate about giving back to her Veteran community and has experienced
firsthand not just the pride in homeownership but the knowledge and experience behind making that
dream come true.

“To me, when I say Be My Neighbor, I mean to count on me to help you achieve your goals. I’ve always
been a from-less person, thanks to my family’s military service. And with each move, new and wonderful
relationships are formed. That’s the beauty of the Veteran community and the best aspect that I miss
often. That no matter where you go, you know someone you can count on. My neighbors are
everywhere and are from-less, and are all at different stages in their careers and lives. If homeownership
is the goal, I want to be counted on to make it happen. That is my continued tribute and thanks to a
service that has given me and my family so much.”