Arthur Brison Hire Announcement
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Published on July 2, 2020

Arthur Brison Hire Announcement

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Certain retail lenders should be on the lookout with Arthur Brison II as our newest hire as Debt Does Deals Mortgage Loan Originator! Arthur will be joining a team that not only walks the walk but talks the talk in caring for clients who can trust on his Loan Originator service. He is not one to take kindly to certain retail lenders, and is happy to work with a team that values honesty. We are glad that he has been brought onboard with his compassionate mindset which is what we are all about
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“We are excited to have our new Mortgage Loan Originator, Arthur Brison II onboard Debt Does Deals (tag). Get to know more about Arthur Brison II and how he goes above and beyond to put clients above profits” Link to blog post below.
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Debt Does Deals brings on new Mortgage Loan Originator Arthur Brison II


Denison, Texas – April 3, 2020 – Debt Does Deals Hires Arthur Brison II as Mortgage Loan Originator.


Arthur Brison is a no nonsense individual who has been brought onboard as Debt Does Deals new Mortgage Loan Originator. He comes in with an attitude to set the record straight and help clients cut through the fluff of confusion. In a time when real estate business tend to have a superficial outlook on how they treat their customers, Arthur has made it his mission to be on the lookout for certain individual retail lenders.


Arthur brings in a fresh perspective as a new Mortgage Loan Originator with over 23 years of experience. He credits divine intervention for bringing him to where he needs to be and has kept him in place since then.


In regards to working at Debt Does Deals, Arthur has praised the head of Debt Does Deals as someone who is authentic and looks to get the work done in order to go above and beyond for clients who are tired of unauthentic businesses who may have rubbed them the wrong way.


“Chris seems to like the fight as much as I like kicking a bully in the keister!” Arthur praises.
We are glad to share this same mindset with Arthur as we bring him onboard as part of our Loan Operations!

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