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Our Why...

Our Why

Buying and selling a home has become so transactional that the industry seems to have forgotten there’s a human being on the other end of that transaction—someone who is nervously wondering if they’re making the right decision.

So we’re changing the game. Our core fundamental belief is that housing is one of the best starting points of value creation and the way to procure that opportunity is by leveraging the right financing.

How are we doing that? We’re helping people achieve their goals and dreams of owning a home. We’re building social communities—both in person and online. We’re building an education portal that teaches consumers what’s available to them without being salesy. And because our internal community consists of the same people we’re striving to serve—and who have benefitted from real estate themselves—we’re able to offer an unmatched customer experience that continues long after the ink is dry.

We’re here to serve—our neighbors—not only meet their homeownership goals, but enjoy the process along the way.

Mission: We’re on a mission to bring humanity back into the biggest financial real estate decision that a person will make in their lifetime by showing them how to build generational wealth through smart real estate decisions and actually enjoy the process along the way. Everyone—no matter where they’re starting—has a place they can feel safe, heard, and empowered.

Vision: To consistently create 1,000 new homeowners every year.

Core Values

  • Accountability: As servant leaders we are accountable to our community and our consumers by viewing others as more important than ourselves.
  • Community: We’re relational to our core and strive to create a community that looks out for each other’s highest good.
  • Empathy: We understand our consumer better than anyone because we are the community that we serve.
  • Empowerment: We seek to empower our customers with the knowledge, guidance, and relationship needed to powerfully change their lives for the better.
  • Freedom of Opportunity: We educate our customers on the unique opportunities available to them to create more freedom in their lives.
  • Impact: Homeownership is more than just wealth building—it’s about family, memories and community.


We’re intentionally cultivating an environment where people feel safe to ask questions and learn what options are available to them, how the industry works, or whatever else is on their mind as it pertains to this incredible, life changing world of real estate.

As an independent mortgage brokerage we’re helping consumers find the best mortgage fit for their needs—whether that be building, buying, selling, and/or investing in real estate—and by taking it a step further. Beyond just offering mortgages and advising on real estate, we’re helping consumers protect their biggest asset and biggest opportunity—their home. Our core fundamental belief is that housing is one of the best starting points of value creation for families and that leverage is the means with which to procure that opportunity.

We believe—as a company and as a community—that one house has the power to make a life-changing impact for a family and future generations. We’re leading the effort to get back to the core of what being a neighbor means. To us that means treating others the way we want to be treated, cultivating genuine relationships, and nurturing a community where people can ask questions, learn, and rely on for support and guidance—whether they work with us or not.

We’ve all been in that place where we’re not ready to make a decision—we just want to ask a question without feeling pressured. And if we feel that way, the consumer does too.

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