Debt Does Deals Hires Hamner as the Executive Administrator
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Published on April 2, 2020

Debt Does Deals Hires Hamner as the Executive Administrator

Malorie Hamner has been recently brought onboard as the new Executive Administrator of Debt Does Deals. Having spent the last 10 years in the Dentistry field as a Treatment and Financial Coordinator, Malorie’s goal is to bring the same skill set that has previously helped ease any fears dental patients have, to clients who may have anxiety in conducting business in the mortgage realm.

Malorie comes from an extremely personable approach, truly caring about who she crosses paths with in her job, wanting nothing but the best for her clients to succeed.  “I love people so much that I feel that they feel that from me, that I can gain their trust,” Malorie said in an interview.

“I’m their advocate and I’m there for them,” she continues. Clients are assured that once they meet Malorie, they can trust her genuine service to get the job done on their behalf when they want to work with Debt Does Deals. With Malorie’s great work ethic and experience, we are excited to bring her onboard as she is with us.

“I found that everyone on the team has a CEO mentality and gets the job done! All tasks are handled head on and everything is organized!” Malorie said about the team at Debt Does Deals.

We are glad to have her onboard and can’t wait for her to contribute to the team and continue the trend our clients have come to expect!

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Malorie Hammer, Executive Administrator 

Malorie Hammer is an extremely down to earth mother and wife who brings 10 years of skills from the Dentistry field to the mortgage business as an Executive Administrator. As a new face to the industry, she is bringing the same skills and experiences she has from the Dentistry field to the mortgage business to help clients now as she did with dental patients. She is definitely going to get the work done with her down to earth personality and hard work ethic.

NMLS #1743790
Be My Neighbor NMLS #1743790
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