Beyond A Dorm: Early Homeownership & College Students
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Published on February 21, 2024
First Home - Early Homeownership

Beyond A Dorm: Early Homeownership & College Students

Beyond A Dorm: Early Homeownership & College Students

Have you considered owning over renting?

Has early homeownership crossed your mind? The high costs of student living are undeniable, causing increased expenses. Whether it’s dorm fees or apartment rent, these costs typically don’t give any returns.

However, there’s a game-changing option we want to share with you. Especially if you’re considering the possibility of homeownership instead of renting.

Welcome to FHA “Kiddie Condos” – a term coined for an FHA Non-Occupying Borrower loan.

What does this mean? Simply, the student becomes the primary borrower while the parent becomes the non-occupying co-signer. The only requirement for the student is having a credit score.

Discover more insights on how adding your child as an authorized user on your credit cards may benefit them in our additional resources.

The Benefits:

Embracing this approach offers substantial advantages. It not only helps build your student’s credit but also facilitates early homeownership, utilizing college funds more efficiently. Plus, there’s the potential for the property to become a sound investment after graduation.

Choosing to buy eliminates the hassle of moving between dorms and apartments, providing a stable living environment for your adult student to thrive. As a result, the seemingly impossible dream of owning real estate for first-time buyers may be within reach.

Early Homeownership for Daughter Hugged By Parents

Early Homeownership

Early Homeownership:

The concept of owning real estate has become out of reach for college students. However, this loan product may help younger generations become homeowners soon after all. This product can offer a unique opportunity for parents to introduce their adult students to the responsibilities and joys of owning a home during college. Not only does a home provide an asset for families, they also instill independence. Paired with a sense of financial literacy, a home can set the stage for a secure future.


Beyond a head start, this FHA loan presents an unexpected route for savvy parents to make a sound financial investment. The real estate market, known for its cyclical nature, opens up possibilities for long-term gains. By securing a home early on, students can capitalize on the potential appreciation of property values. As a result, what was initially an impossible purchase becomes a smart financial move. It’s a promising way to invest in their future.

Stable Learning Environment:

One of the overlooked benefits of buying a home for college students is having a stable and enriching learning environment. A home can serve as a dedicated space for educational activities. This encourages a consistent space for their continued learning. Moving dorms and rotating roommates year by year can cause disruptive changes to a learning and living space. The stability of having a consistent, designated space in their home can have a deep impact on a student’s ability to focus, learn, and grow.  Creating a foundation for future collegiate academic success is important.

College students are venturing out on their own, maybe for the first time, and that’s scary enough. Help ease their stress by making them a homeowner!

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NMLS #1743790
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