Retired Master Sergeant Finds New Career in Mortgage Industry
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Published on March 5, 2023
From Military to Mortgages

Retired Master Sergeant Finds New Career in Mortgage Industry

New Career

Retired Master Sergeant Brett James Robinson served in the United States Air Force for 21 years before finding himself in the real estate industry. Though he loved it, the busy nature of the business made it difficult for him to balance work and family. Robinson eventually found his way into the mortgage industry through a Facebook group focused on VA loans, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Teamwork and Independence

Robinson enjoys the flexibility and challenges that the mortgage industry offers. As a loan officer for Be My Neighbor, an independent brokerage chain, Robinson handles various types of loans every day. He appreciates the sense of independence he developed during his time in the military and finds that his work in the mortgage industry requires him to be proactive, serve others, and have a servant mindset.

Robinson also values teamwork, a lesson he learned during his time in the Air Force. While working as a new loan officer, he found everything to be intimidating and scary. However, he relied on the guidance and leadership of his colleagues, whom he calls the “OGs” of the company. The support and confidence they instilled in him allowed him to convey that same confidence to his clients.

From Wolfpack to Neighborly

Initially, Robinson worked at a highly competitive company with a “wolfpack mentality,” where the pressure to succeed was always high. While he did well, he found the constant pressure and stress to be toxic, leading to difficulties in balancing work and family. In contrast, he feels that working for Be My Neighbor is like providing an opportunity to serve people, rather than a pressure to sell.

Robinson appreciates that the higher-ups at Be My Neighbor do not impose pressure to bring in new business. Instead, he is given the freedom to go out and get clients. He takes pride in serving his clients and showing them what he and his team can do. He believes that by doing an excellent job, his clients will become fans and continue to spread the message of Be My Neighbor.

Surrounded by Veterans

As a veteran-owned brokerage chain, Robinson feels that Be My Neighbor retains the morals and ethics he learned during his time in the military. He appreciates the civilian staff but notes that the sense of camaraderie and veteran feel is still there. He spreads the message of the brokerage chain everywhere he goes and takes pride in being part of such an honorable team.


Brett James Robinson’s experience in the military taught him the importance of teamwork and independence. He has found those qualities in his work as a loan officer for Be My Neighbor, a veteran-owned brokerage chain that values service over sales. Robinson values the freedom he has to serve his clients and appreciates the sense of camaraderie he feels with his colleagues.

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NMLS #1743790
Be My Neighbor NMLS #1743790
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