Download the VA Home Loan Program Guide


Are you a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member?  Family of the same?  If you’re looking for more information on the VA Home Loan please download this free guide- seriously no need for contact info or any “lead” questions.  Enjoy the learning and let me know if you have any questions!




Are You Considering a Custom Build with Your VA Eligibility?

Get this guide here – it’s a fillable PDF that will allow you to plan and track accordingly.  If you have questions about the process and even if you’re not working with me – reach out.  The whole Be My Neighbor team is happy to help you succeed in building your new home.


Did you get some news on your loan application you weren’t expecting? Not sure what it means for you?  Not sure you’re getting the best deal?  Let me take a Second Look and share some insights with you.  Please give me a little info by clicking here 👉

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Nathan is also a Founding Partner and COO for Vetted VA with Christopher Griffith.  Together, with over 160 Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals, they serve a community of Veterans, Active Duty service members, and spouses to educate and support them in their home-buying journey.  They focus on support, transparency, and accountability to ensure that VA Home Loan Eligible consumers are not taken advantage of and understand the process and impacts of lending and real estate.

Before graduating with his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Corban University, Nathan had already dove headfirst into the real estate industry as a loan officer. After completing college, he continued to set out on an ambitious adventure where he educated himself in every aspect of making a successful real estate transaction happen. Over the course of Nathan’s career, he has fulfilled the role of a leader in many different ways. From being the President of McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce to Vice President of Training and Development at Knowledge Coop, Nathan has mentored and supported people to help them see the potential in themselves and others to accomplish great things.

He’s dedicated to helping people get real about what it means to live their life on purpose and striving toward the things that matter most. When Nathan isn’t found serving his community, he is spending time with his wife and two children. He is a loving husband and father who enjoys reading, playing music, and woodworking.